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Person on dirtbike

Welcome to Secondary

At DLC we want everyone to be able to fulfil their potential and do the very best they can. We want everyone to be equipped to continue their journey after Year 11 and go on to college, apprenticeships, jobs or A Levels. We therefore offer a varied and personalised curriculum that can be accessed by and adapted to the needs of our cohort.  

At Key Stage 3 you will study a range of subjects including the core of English, Maths and Science, but also Humanities, PSHE, Art, Sport and Independent Living. You may also participate in activities such as swimming, ELSA, Thrive, cooking or our Bikes Project. At Key Stage 4 we offer GCSE English Language and Literature, Maths, Science, Ethics and Art which could enable you to specialise in Photography, Fine Art, Textiles or Graphic design. You may also be involved in our Bikes Project, Thrive, Sport, Independent Living, Citizenship, Cooking and PSHE. At Key Stage 4 we also have a vocational offer of Mechanics and Catering.

Our ethos of “one pupil, one plan” extends into our curriculum so that everyone’s journey through the school can be suited to them.  

"DLC develops the whole person, not just looking at an academic number"

"Bikes - holistic provision, great for the kids, pastoral, mentoring, child wants a bike for their 16th birthday as a result"

"It has been many years since anyone in education said anything positive about my son - I used to think I was the only person who saw good in him, but I want to thank DLC for also seeing the good in him, and reminding me of it" 

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