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Welcome to Primary

We strive to provide the best environment for pupils to learn and develop, as well as to cultivate a sense of wonder, empathy and understanding of the world around them. Our classrooms are brightly coloured and empathetic to our pupils needs.  We teach topic-based work that is child lead and we encourage our pupils to become independent learners. We work hard to bring the best out of our pupils ensuring that they maximise their potential and are prepared as fully as possible for a return to mainstream school or a specialist education centre.  

Primary Lead: Jane Franklin 

Discover Primary

Our environment is a caring and safe place where everyone is valued and encouraged to respect themselves and each other. We have several sensory rooms, a library as well as large, light and airy classrooms.

Each pupil is treated as an individual, their learning needs are be-spoke to them and our highly qualified team will endeavour to meet their behaviour and emotional needs.   



"since my son has been at DLC, I do not feel such a failure - it is the first time I have had teachers telling me my son is likeable"

"my daughter has so much confidence now - the staff are brilliant, school is amazing. There has been such a massive change for our family through school"

"DLC develops the whole person, not just looking at an academic number"

Meet the Team

Ellie Stevens


Gemma Ainsworth.jpg

Gemma Ainsworth

Learning Mentor

Learning Mentor


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